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2-Day Online

March 25 - 26 | ONLINE

It's cheaper than film school...

Want to be a MIFF finalist? This is the mobile filmmaking workshop you don't want to miss. You'll learn the skills you'll need to plan, shoot, and edit your mobile - all on your phone. 7 pro filmmakers take you through the process from start to finish, breaking down gear, technique, and more. You'll also gain access to pre-recorded Q&A sessions with each of the 7 pros and you can re-watch the workshop anytime you want!

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2-Day Online Filmmaker 

The Worskhop INCLUDES

• 7 hours of learning from 7 pro filmmakers.
• Recorded Q&A sessions with each teacher. 
• Loads of new filmmaker skills to up your game.
• Access the full workshop anytime you want.

The Workshop

What You'll Learn

Soak up filmmaking secrets from 7 pros. You’ll learn their techniques for planning, shooting, and editing. Plus get access to recorded Q&A sessions with the filmmaking community.

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Bringing Your Idea to Life

with Maegan Houang

If you want to make a film, you need an idea plus a framework to bring your idea to life. This section breaks down how to think of and plan your short film.

  • Build the framework for your story
  • Create a plan based on what resources are available
  • Develop compelling characters and storylines for your film
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Shooting with Your Phone: Apps and Settings

with Caleb Babcock

Arguably the most important part of cinematography, getting the right exposure on a phone can be tricky. We walk through getting the best exposure in multiple environments.

  • Make your phone footage cinematic
  • Learn the best apps to use for shooting (Moment Pro Cam & Adobe Rush)
  • Best techniques and settings
  • Properly exposing your shots
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Composition and Framing

with Joshua Martin

Like any camera, phones have strengths and weaknesses. Learn what shots work best on a phone and how to make your film look pro level.

  • Classic Shot Types & Creative Shot Types
  • How to use Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Complimentary Colors, and Symmetry
  • Basic color theory
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Capturing the Best Audio

with Patrick Tomasso

Arguably more important than how your film looks, capturing good audio can make or break your film. This section breaks down the best practices of capturing audio.

  • Why audio is so important
  • Microphone types & best practices
  • Recording voiceover
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Editing Your Film

with Lila

Editing is when your film actually comes to life.  Without a good edit, even the best footage can leave us confused and otherwise disconnected from a film.

  • Editing your film on mobile or desktop
  • How to use Adobe Rush & Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Making sequences & selects
  • Bringing everything together into a professional, cohesive film
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Color Correction and Grading Your Film

with Evan Schneider

Learn to give that final professional polish on your phone footage.

  • Color grade your footage using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Develop an efficient coloring workflow
  • Using layers & balancing shots
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Music and SFX

with Dunnadidit

Perfecting the sound details is as important as the rest of your film, don’t skip the meat.

  • Polish your audio for a professional result
  • Audio Levels & Audio Ducking
  • Choosing music
  • Track mixing

Day 2

24 Hour Film Challenge

Starting at 5pm on the first day and ending on 5pm the second day, you’ll be making a short film with a group of filmmakers. We’ll provide the challenge and you’ll plan, shoot, and edit a sub two minute film. The winning film is premiered at The Premiere on Saturday night.

  • 24 hours to produce a sub 2min film.
  • Theme and req’s provided at the workshop.
  • Pre-select your group and/or we’ll assign teams.
  • Can be shot on a phone or big camera.
Mango Street shooting a film
Two people wearing yellow jackets in New York City
Screen grab of a film — two people on a train platform
Niles filming on a mobile device using a gimbal

Meet The Teachers

Meet the pros who love the filmmaker community and want to share their knowledge. Please follow and thank them!