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5 pro filmmakers. 
8 hours of learning. 
Just $99.

Want to level up your filmmaking game? Join the MIFF Filmmaker Workshop. It’s 8 hours of online learning, hosted by 5 of your favorite Pros. They teach you their industry secrets, and host Q&A sessions with filmmakers from the community. Plus, you get access to re-watch the workshop anytime you want.

The Workshop

What You'll Learn

Soak up filmmaking secrets from 5 Pros. You’ll learn their techniques for planning, shooting, and editing. Plus get access to helpful Q&As with the filmmaking community.

Gallery of Images on a computer screen


You’ll learn how to plan the shoot, what gear to bring, pick locations, select talent, and build a production plan. It sounds boring, but this is the secret sauce to making your video project successful.

  • Develop a pre-production plan
  • Make a storyboard
  • Scout locations
  • Find the right gear
  • Find talent and run rehearsals
  • Make a budget
Spenser Sakurai teaching lighting techniques


Learn the techniques for adding and controlling light. We’ll take you through different types of scenes, showing you how to make your lighting consistent and right for your project.

  • Convey mood through lighting
  • Make films cinematic and professional
  • Shape and manipulate light
  • Craft a beautiful frame
Person filming on a DSLR video rig


The camera goodness, you’ll learn new moves and specific techniques for capturing better footage. We’ll run through equipment, shooting style, and motion. Plus, cover lots of small, must-know tips.

  • When to use tripods, gimbals, drones, and your phone
  • How to create mood using shooting style
  • What lenses work best with what shots
Person filming on a mobile device


Your film is only as good as your sound (or music). We’ll show you how to capture richer sound and make it all come together as one video. Whether you’re shooting a vlog or a film, we cover lots of pro tips.

  • Record professional-sounding voice over
  • Record audio on set
  • Properly use a lav mic
  • Implement sound design
  • Master your audio in post
Jack Coyne on teaching how to edit


Maybe the most important class of the workshop you’ll learn lots of preferences on how to organize footage, lay up your project, and cut your footage. We leave plenty of time for Q&A.

  • Cut and sequence your footage
  • Pace an edit
  • Shot selection and cutting techniques
  • Bring your story to life in post-production

Day 2

24 Hour Film Challenge

Starting at 5pm on the first day and ending on 5pm the second day, you’ll be making a short film with a group of filmmakers. We’ll provide the challenge and you’ll plan, shoot, and edit a sub two minute film. The winning film is premiered at The Premiere on Saturday night.

  • 24 hours to produce a sub 2min film.
  • Theme and req’s provided at the workshop.
  • Pre-select your group and/or we’ll assign teams.
  • Can be shot on a phone or big camera.
Mango Street shooting a film
Two people wearing yellow jackets in New York City
Screen grab of a film — two people on a train platform
Niles filming on a mobile device using a gimbal

Meet The Teachers

Meet the pros who love the filmmaker community and want to share their knowledge. Please follow and thank them!

 Portrait of Niles Grey holding a clothes iron


If you haven’t stumbled upon Spenser’s Youtube channel, it’s just a matter of time. His talent for shaping light is something to behold.

 Portrait of Taylor Pendleton holding a mobile filmmaking rig


A storyteller at heart. When he’s not planning his next film or diving into an edit, you can find him running through the streets of New York.

 Portrait of Andrew Kearns holding an iPad


Filmmaker and Youtuber from Toronto, Canada. Most commonly found in an airport, Lizzie has an immense talent for story driven filmmaking.

 Portrait of Caleb Babcock holding a clapperboard

Patrick Tomasso

Filmmaker and podcaster. You can find him in a Twitter thread or crafting a short film for a client. If you know Patrick, you know is audio game is 🔥.

 Portrait of Caleb Babcock holding a clapperboard

Frederic van Strydonck

Based in London, Fred has made films for Xiaomi and Apple. He has also worked in production on films including Jason Bourne, Assassin’s Creed, Black Mirror, Yesterday. No big deal!