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This is the 7th year of hosting the Moment Invitational Film Festival, we’re so thankful foreveryone who has submitted films in past years and those that keep coming back every year to make the next year even bigger.

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past winners

Watch and celebrate the work of our winning filmmakers and finalists.


Rich Millard

2021 Adventure Finalist

Congratulations to the 2021 Filmmakers' Choice winner! Rich's film, selected by our judges, won $10,000 in cash presented by Shure.

The Enemy

Rennon Keifer

2021 Drama Narrative Finalist

Congratulations to Rennon Kiefer for winning the 2021 People's Choice Award! His film won the majority vote at the live Premiere and won $10,000 in cash presented by Moment.

The Lost Village

Kaelo Iyizoba

2020 Mini Documentary Honorable Mention

Congratulations to this year’s People’s Choice winner! We are really loving the fact that this year’s award goes to an honorable mention. The people have voted and Kaelo is taking home $10,000, presented by M

Of Salt & Sand

Kyndra Kennedy

2020 longform Finalist

Congratulations to this year’s Filmmakers' Choice winner! Kyndra's film, selected by our judges, won $10,000 presented by Shure.

2021 Category Winners

Light and Shadow

Sj Van Breda

Mini Documentary Winner

The App

Alfonso Gonzalez

Long form Winner

The Night Shift

Sally-Ann Dunn & Bartosz Wozniak

Drama Narrative Winner

Egg in Transit

Tim Lampe

Comedy Narrative Winner

The Schwarschild Radius

Peter Majarich

Sci-Fi Narrative Winner

On The Rise

Courtney Coker

Adventure Winner

How To Art

Azuree Wiitala & Trevor Holloway

How-To Winner

E Ma Tori Me

Akindunde Smith

Music Video Winner

The Selah

Noah Lhomi Nuppa

Experimental Winner

2021 Category Finalists

Mon Cheri

Sea Shimooka

Experimental Finalist

Keluar [EXIT]

Mohammed El Sammad

Experimental Finalist

Paper Cranes

Ramsey Keifer

Mini Documentary Finalist

Behind The Horn

Nigel Lozane

Mini Documentary Finalist

The Enemy

Rennon Keifer

Drama Narrative Finalist

If You Love Something

Luis Guanzon

Drama Narrative Finalist


Haley Alea Erikson

Comedy Narrative Finalist


Dava Whisenant

Comedy Narrative Finalist

We Are Special

Chetan Tankaria

Sci-Fi Narrative Finalist

Staff Training

George Michael Ivanoff

Sci-Fi Narrative Finalist


Aj Nickell & Tess Tregallas

Music Video Finalist

Wild Woman

Michelle Cameron

Music Video Finalist

Tokio Underwater

David Miranda

Long form Finalist

Home Movie 2

Zeke Farrow

Long form Finalist

Happy Hugging

Julie Logan

How-To Finalist

How To Date

Cat Mansouri

How-To Finalist


Rich Millard

Adventure Finalist & Filmmaker's Choice


Kaitlyn McKenna &Tristen Chandler Eaton

Adventure Finalist

Meet The Judges

We’re honored to have some of the most talented people in the industry screening your films and helping select The Filmmakers’ Choice Award.

 Portrait of Andy To

Andy To

Andy grew up in East Oakland and has been making films ever since his grandfather introduced him to his Sony Hi-8 and the stories he would capture on his travels back to Saigon. Learning from his documentary style, he learned to develop his own way of seeing, creating and shooting. He’s been fortunate to find his bliss in creating photos and video; which has given him opportunities to combine his passions for travel and filmmaking into one. His approach is to keep it simple, using just his phone and a gimbal to capture the world around him.

Christopher Harpe holding his two boys

Christopher Harpe

Chritopher Harpe is a father to two beautiful boys, Christopher James and Braxton Alexander. He’s worked in food and retail the last 7 years from Restaurants like Pappadeaux to Chick-Fil-A. Harpe is the creator and owner of a brand recently relaunched in April called, “Don’t Cheat The Process”, as well as a producer for a Dallas-based company called Tribe Film.

 Portrait of Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is a British DP, director, and award winning filmmaker known for his DSLR filmmaking, blog and workshops. One of his most successful independent projects was “How To Start A Revolution” which won a BAFTA in 2012 and was also awarded prizes at several film festivals including Best Documentary at the 2011 Raindance festival. Philip recently finished filming two seasons of the acclaimed CNN original hour long global documentary series “The Wonder List” traveling all over the globe.

Portrait of Jesse Driftwood

Jesse Driftwood

Jesse Driftwood is an easily excitable, always optimistic, photographer, filmmaker, fun haver, family man from Toronto, Canada. Known for his over the top Instagram stories where he takes day to day tasks and turn them into cinematic pieces, he’s since taken his short form storytelling skills and brought them to brands like Canon, Lululemon and HP.

Black and white portrait of Shantira Jackson

Shantira Jackson

Shantira Jackson is a Chicago transplant currently based in Los Angeles. She's a writer for the new "Saved By The Bell" reboot and has worked as a staff writer for the late-night talk show “Busy Tonight” on E!, NPR’s “Ask Me Another”, and BET's "50 Central". She has been featured on Vulture, Refinery29's "Strong Opinions Loosely Held," and worked as a contributing writer for CNN, the Writer's Guild Awards, The Webby Awards and The ESPYS. She is also an active member of the critically-acclaimed improv group 3Peat.

Portrait of Sonia Hosko

Sonia Hosko

Sonia Hosko served as producer and co-executive producer on the TV series "Saving Hope" and "Rookie Blue". She also worked with Ilana Frank and ICF Films as co-executive producer on "The Detail" and "Burden of Truth". Sonia was a producer, writer, and director on "Little Films About Big Moments", and was part of Sarah Polley's "Away From Her", Brian De Palma's "Redacted", and Atom Egoyan's "Adoration". Sonia was also a creator of The Lexa Pledge, which serves as a guideline for writing positive LGBTQ storylines.

Portrait of Vuhlandes


Vuhlandes is a photographer from the westside of Detroit, MI whose surroundings have influenced his unique, street, gritty but clean style within his photography. Vuhlandes wants to show the world what he sees through his lens - that it’s not always “sunshine & rainbows”. A different side of the world that some may never see, or know what it’s like to be from. He loves to capture the raw emotion of photographed subjects, and loves to work with and meet new people.


The giveaway winners

Congrats to our giveaway winners! They've won $10k in filmmaking gear from our amazing sponsors.