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Watch the Office Hours.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been hosting live classes with a new filmmaker each week. Watch these 30-min video chats with pro filmmakers and all the best advice for making your film. 

5.14 Planning & Pre-Pro with Delacey Skinner

Thursday at 4PM PDT

5.21 Capturing Cinematic Shots with Zach Lower

Thursday at 4PM PDT

5.28 Audio Tips with Oliver Hughes

Thursday at 4PM PDT

6.4 Color Grading with Danny Gevirtz

Thursday at 4PM PDT


Planning & Pre-Pro with Delacey Skinner

Hosted by Taylor Pendleton

Delacey Skinner is an award-winning director, writer, and ad maker, whose Southern upbringing all but guaranteed storytelling would be an integral part of her life. Her path to filmmaking wound through teaching, public relations, politics, and advertising - and her experiences across fields inform her process. Nothing makes her happier than being with a group of smart, talented, motivated people pulling together to create something.


Capturing Cinematic Shots with Zach Lower

Hosted by Caleb Babcock

A filmmaker based in the UK. I make a lot of videos based around things I do in my daily life; walks, skatepark, sunsets, bbq’s with friends (pre-lockdown ofc). I run a small screen specialist production company called We Are Even - we do social campaigns and stuff. :)


Audio Tips with Oliver Hughes

Hosted by Taylor Pendleton

Oliver J Hughes is a filmmaker, composer, and audio professional living in Kansas City—and as a lifelong audio enthusiast, it's no surprise he's brought a strong emphasis on sound into his filmmaking. He also runs a YouTube channel specifically teaching sound to filmmakers. Sound is everything!  (Kinda)! Filmmakers across the globe have benefited from his to-the-point tutorials on getting better sound for your videos without the wild headache of mastering the tools or processes.